Blind Date

Blind Date


A young couple is having dinner at Chez Paul’s Fine Dining.   Michelle Gainsler appears to be in her mid 20’s and, if she would change her silver rimmed glasses for contacts and apply just a little make-up to accentuate her good features, she would be what most men call “attractive”.   She prides herself on eating right and staying fit. Paul Kindred appears to be just a little older, with wavy, sand colored hair, fine blue eyes, a thin nose, and a ready smile.

Hor d’oerves:

Michelle says, “I work at St. Rose Hospital as a case coordinator and my friends are always setting up blind dates for me.”

Paul replies, “Me too; I play basketball at the Y and the guys try hard to find me ‘the right girl’.


Michelle says, “Usually, the blind date is much younger and it’s hamburgers and fries followed by a rock concert.   I was pleasantly surprised when you suggested Chez Paul’s followed by the St. Cecilia Choir.”

Paul replies, “I was quite pleased as well. Usually, my blind date is a young lady who doesn’t know the difference between the salad fork and the dinner fork and thinks that Chateaubriand is Hugh Hefner’s home. I love choral music—especially St. Cecilia’s. They rarely tour the USA. Tonight, they will perform Faure’s Requiem, one of my favorite pieces.”


Michelle say, “This has been the most exquisite evening. I’d invite you up to my room…but, you see, I’m a nun.

Paul replies, “That’s ‘ok’; I’m the pastor at St. Mel’s.