I am Yin

I am a woman. I am soft, warm, and always in waiting.   I am the Mother of all that have lived and all that will live. I am night. I am dark, hidden, and mysterious, but I also call forth the day. I am water. I am clear, fresh, cool, and gently flowing. Yet over time I can wash away the hardest rocks and forge the deepest canyon.

It was not always this way. In the beginning chaos ruled throughout the world. It was a world of gods constantly bickering and warring. There was no order in the world. There was neither peace nor love. Day after day the gods fought each other and one by one they died. Finally only me and Yang were left in the world.

For centuries, too numerous to number, I battled Yang. We exchanged blows, with fists the size of houses; we fought with staffs made from the tallest and strongest oaks; we threw spears made from the steel of a thousand daggers; we hurled rocks the size of small mountains. But neither of us could defeat the other. I grew tired. I knew this was not the way to victory.   I changed my tactics. I began to dodge and dance, first right, then left, never advancing, only retreating, avoiding Yang’s swinging fists, his twirling staff, his deadly spears and deadly rocks. The harder he fought, the more I dodged and danced. Occasionally, I used my arm to deflect a blow, but that is all I would do. He could not defeat me. He became angry. He fought harder and harder. He fought so hard that sweat poured from his body forming a river.   The river flowed so fast it made a sea. There was so much sweat that the river still flows today and is called the Yellow River. The sea is the South China Sea. He grew hotter and hotter. His heat was so great it scorched the western half of China creating the Gobi Desert, which still exists today. Yet, the harder he fought, the weaker he became and the stronger I became.

He was exhausted. With his last strength, he raised a huge rock over his head to try to hurl it at me. But, because he had become so weak, his arms gave way, he fell to the ground onto his back, and the rock fell on his chest and crushed him. The rock still stands where he fell. It is called the Elephant Rock and is still found in Guillin in the south of China. It is so tall it takes more than an hour to climb.

I had won. I am also death and death must always win. But as the life ebbed from Yang, a seed deep inside me gave rise to a new Yang. He was reborn from within me. From that day forth we shared the world in harmony: Yin gives rise to Yang and Yang gives rise to Yin.   This is the way of the world.